Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine (Chiswick W4)       by May Yung


I came to visit May for some shoulder and emotional pain. After several sessions with her as well as following her advice on lifestyle changes, I do not have those problems anymore. Despite not having any chronic issues anymore I continue my visits to her practice as I find myself more relaxed and in-tune with what's right for my body after each session.

Roubina Tchoboian   

First class care and help.

Spends timing getting to know the person to identify how TCM can naturally help. Spot on with her advice and treatments. Calm and supportive and very knowledgeable how TCM can work for me. After first session saw positive impact.

May goes the extra mile for her clients with guidance and care.

Very careful with her Covid measures, making sure we feel safe.

I would definitely recommend May.


Your search is over! You have found the best Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in London. Dr May Yung is incredible. Her treatments are the best I’ve ever had, from acupuncture to cupping to Tui na (deep massage). On top of that, the level of care May gives her patients is second to none. It’s actually remarkable! I could not give higher praise. I’m so grateful to have found May. 5 million stars!

Kate KC

I have been seeing May to help with my insomnia. Her treatments have been LIFE-CHANGING.

She is a caring, meticulous person, and really takes time to get to know what your particular difficulties are before tailoring your treatment.

I am feeling so much more energised, happy and grounded. More importantly, I am now consistently sleeping through the night. Oh and her massages are magical! I highly recommend her.


Dr Yung is very professional and gained my absolute trust. I received wisdom on mental well being and after treatment care.

Rosabel Park

May treated me for about 3 months for inflammatory arthritis in my foot and knee. I was impressed at how meticulous she was in seeking a real in-depth understanding and feel for my condition in every aspect. I found this reassuring and professional. I received both acupuncture and cupping treatment from her, both of which contributed in their own way, along with traditional Chinese medicine to a slow but steady, real, improvement. Her caring and sincere approach filled me with reassurance.


I first started having massage treatments with May ten years ago when I was going through a very distressing divorce. May’s skill and intuition as an Aromatherapy massage therapist were invaluable in keeping me sane through the grief and upheaval. She always listens carefully and seems to know exactly what you need on any given day. I feel very fortunate to have found her and continue to benefit from her wonderful treatments. Highly recommended.


I am so grateful to May. She has been very supportive, empathetic, and caring over the period that I was dealing with extreme stress and anxiety. She listened attentively, reassured me with compassion, and addressed my symptoms and needs with acupuncture treatment together with herbs and massage. After just two treatments, I found that I became more capable of managing my stress and anxiety. She also suggested lifestyle and dietary changes which truly created an impact. I continue to receive treatment from May to build my inner strength and feel very happy with the progress that she has helped me achieve so far. I can’t recommend her enough.


I would highly recommend May Yung as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. I visited May for the most amazing aromatherapy massage. I have had massages before but none of them compare to May’s. She is very intuitive, knowledgeable, and personable and is very professional. I visited her for treatment to relieve the aches and pains. After the treatment I was very relaxed and my discomfort had gone. I shall be returning for further treatments.


I would highly recommend May Yung as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. After being diagnosed with muscular skeletal tension in my chest (non-acute), I visited May for treatment to relieve the symptoms. She did a thorough diagnosis and then recommended acupuncture and herbs. The acupuncture had an immediate effect in releasing pain in my nerves and the course of treatment removed any tension and pain.


I was fortunate to find May, who became a lifeline when I was dealing with stresses in my work and marriage. Her wonderful aromatherapy massages were a true oasis from my troubles, a chance to really switch off and enable my body (and mind) to find peace.


After May’s aromatherapy treatments, I always felt amazingly relaxed. She has a firm and sensitive style of massage which can flexibly adapt to different muscular needs. She seems to be able to create a lovely calm atmosphere in her studio which makes for a wonderful experience from beginning to end!


I came to have treatment with May for my migraine that I had been suffering on and off over the last year. I had never had formal acupuncture treatment before. May was very thoughtful and caring which made me feel at ease and relaxed enough to get through the first session. She helped me understand how Chinese Medicine can explain how my emotions, lifestyle, and dietary habits could possibly cause my ongoing problem and suggested adjustments in these areas. By following her advice and after several acupuncture sessions, together with herbal medicine and massage treatment, I have seen a gradual and general improvement in my energy and, in particular, relief from my painful migraine and insomnia. May is a wonderful practitioner and I highly recommend her.  



I have been receiving regular massage from May for a few years for tense muscles and injured ligaments. May is astute and sensitive. She understands and delivers on the philosophy of massage therapy. Her consultations are thorough and her approach is insightful. She understands the needs of your muscles and physique before you yourself know. Her massage techniques are unique and versatile and treatments are highly effective.